Bumi Cinta Bali

Bumi Cinta


This new Retreat Center sits atop the ridges of the Les valley.

“Bumi” means earth and “cinta” means love in Indonesian language. With love and honor to mother earth, we have been creating this eco retreat center. It sits atop the ridges of the Les valley and provides breathtaking views of the
Bali sea as it merges with the sky.

Bumi Cinta was conceived and designed with true sustainability and Earth Love in mind and heart and this is reflected the in extra effort (and expense) that went into choosing our materials which largely consist of bamboo and reclaimed of plantation grown wood to ensure we are not complicit in destroying vital rainforest habitat that many supposed Eco hotels and centers likely and unconsciously contribute to.


Vision & Mission


Our vision is to share this place for transformation, healing and purification while supporting human and planetary evolution.


In order to accomplish our vision we:




Sustainability is the ability to co-exist on earth for a long time by reducing environmental footprints and conserving resources economical and social.

Bumi Cinta demonstrates a strong commitment to nature preservation and community well being in the following ways.