Bumi Cinta Bali

Edible Garden & Forest

Bumi Cinta has been designed by a team of conscious architects, permaculturists and designers to achieve symbiosis and care for nature who nutures all who visit here.

Promote healing, purification, and nature connection, the raw nature of the surrounding jungle is balanced with heavenly views of the sea seamlessly merging with the sky. At Bumi Cinta Bali we are lucky to be the custodians of a mature Cacao and Rambutan forest! We are converting it into a permaculture inspired Food Forest by adding ground crops, climbers and shrubs to the mix. Along with the Food Forest we are implementing organic vegetable gardens to provide our guest with the freshest and cleanest ingredients possible and within workshops to take education and inspiration back to their homes. Our sewage system relies on a natural process with the material eventually entering our wastewater gardens. The Cacao harvested will be used in chocolate-making workshops and of course to serve out guests.