Bumi Cinta Bali

Sustainability, Cacao, and Permaculture

Bumi Cinta was conceived and designed with true sustainability and Earth Love in mind and heart and this is reflected the in extra effort (and expense) that went into choosing our materials which largely consist of bamboo and reclaimed of plantation grown wood to ensure we are not complicit in destroying vital rainforest habitat that many supposed Eco Hotels and Centres likely and unconsciously contribute to. 

Our sewage system relies on a natural process with the material eventually entering our wastewater gardens. 

At Bumi Cinta Bali we are lucky to be the custodians of a mature Cacao and Rambutan forest! 

We plan to convert into into a Permaculture inspired Food Forest by adding ground crops, climbers and shrubs to the mix.

Along with the Food Forest we are implementing organic vegetable gardens to provide our guest with the freshest and cleanest ingredients possible.

The Cacao harvested will be used in chocolate making workshops and of course to serve out guests.