Bumi Cinta Bali

Earth Love

Bumi Cinta was conceived and designed to create a sanctuary of transformation and reconnection to the organic natural world. With Love and respect for Earth comes actions in alignment with values of preservation and honouring of nature. true sustainability and Earth Love in mind and heart and this is reflected the in extra effort (and expense) that went into choosing our materials which largely consist of bamboo and reclaimed of plantation grown wood to ensure we are not complicit in destroying vital rainforest habitat.

Bumi Cinta demonstrates a strong commitment to nature preservation and community well being in the following ways:

Construction Materials
Water Management
Food Offered in the Restaurant
Integration in the Natural Habitat
Employment of Local Team
Other examples of Earth Love

By incorporating these practices and continuously seeking innovative ways to minimize our environmental impact, Bumi Cinta Bali aims to serve as a model for sustainable living and inspire others to follow suit.